Should you launch an app in a saturated market?

Right now you are looking at a time when there is an app for everything. New technologies are hitting the market place meaning that the industry is open to far more people than ever before. That means it is harder than ever launch an app in a saturated market. However nothing is impossible, it will come down to strategy.

Within this we need to look along two avenues: the app itself and the marketing!

The App

With such an increased supply of apps and so many decent ones at that, users now demand a certain standard. Its no longer possible to get traction from a badly made hybrid app. In order to launch an app in a saturated market, you have to concentrate on both how the app looks and how it works: UI and UX.

UI – it doesn’t have to redefine design but it does have to reflect quality. This same standard of design needs to be mirrored throughout each view, the logo & icon, your website and even the App store. I would always encourage you to check out design trends. You want to build something that people like and are to a certain extent used to.

UX – 2016 saw the rise of UX. People are now not only looking towards something that looks good, they are demanding their apps to be stable and easy to use. UX trends are towards time saving functions and personalisation wherever possible.

In short if you want to attack a crowded market, your app must be as good if not better than the competitors.

Launch Marketing

So you have a good app? Unfortunately I am not even sure this is half the battle these days. You also have to have a well defined USP (Unique Selling Point), whereby you have highlighted problems within your crowded market and hopefully problems with competing solutions that your app solves. This USP will be the corner stone of your marketing and help you to overcome market saturation.

Now you know why you are better, you have to communicate these benefits to your customers. The more benefits you can show the more likely you are to disrupt your market. This is your marketing strategy and unfortunately it differs for every different market and product.

You don’t have to spend a shed load of money but be aware, if you don’t have a big budget, you have to make up the difference with extra time and energy. Here are some ideas you can use to market your app for free.

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