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We are extremely happy to become a part of the My Tours Global project. We are building an App that enables you to enjoy the fullness of travelling to best kept destinations. Plus you earn a passive income as you share your tour. All the while having the time of your life exploring the world’s beauty. 


The founder of My Tours Global, Shane Konzen, is passionate about travelling to the most beautiful and exciting destinations all around the world. Helping others is what he desires for people who want to do the same. Being a travel guru himself, Shane witnessed people in the Travel Community finding the most incredible tours and activities. He saw an opportunity for them to share the experience and earn a little doing so. Shane was seeking to be free from the 9-5  work regime and wanted to help others do the same.

One day as he was driving home (after working a 9-5 job almost every day), he knew there must be a better way to earn an income and enjoy the opportunity to travel. Everyone is required to work, and many of us are locked in a job in order to pay off life’s expenses. All the while to hopefully have the chance to get away at some point. Shane’s interest is to help people to become more free in this cycle, by way of exploring, sharing your experience, plus earning a little on the side.

Explore the rarities of the world: My Tours Global opens the door to unique travel destinations around the world, and lets you in on all the local secrets and hidden gems that only those who have gone before you will know. If you love to travel, explore the world, and go on tours, then you will love this App. Shane has created an avenue to step outside of the daily grind at work and earn whilst you travel. The App provides a mini library of travel guides and opportunities, which are only discovered through word of mouth. This allows the travelling community to share and experience your adventure whilst earning a passive income.

Plan on the go: This App will allow travellers to be able to save time and money in planning their next move whilst on the go. This is the antidote if you have a sudden change in your itinerary. Or if you like to have a spontaneous adventure as you go. My Tours Global eases the assurance of knowing what’s really good value and time well spent. You will be able to see what lovely destinations are close by and what activities may be happening around you. This way you can understand what you’re signing up for as you download a tour from a fellow traveller. So, no nasty surprises.   

This prompted Shane to go out in the market and create an opportunity of solving this issue with tech, and that eventually led them to LaunchPadD (LINK:



The software is for everyone to be able to share, and find their unique travel experience. Encourage the ability to work less, and enjoy life more. My Tours Global brings the following benefits to the Travelling Community:

  • Access the latest trending, new, and tour of the month updates
  • Upload your tour onto the app for fellow travellers to: See what adventures and activities are awaiting in that location. Read about the experiences and encounters of previous travellers. Earn revenue as keen participants download your holiday experience.
  • Find some of the most unique travel tours through the community database
  • Search from 242 countries available to choose, plan or deposit your tour  

If you’re in the industry and would keep up to date with the project’s progress, please like our Facebook page (LINK: Throughout the development process we will be giving updates as we countdown to launch.

To see more about My Tours Global check out:

MyToursGlobal on Facebook



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We love building tech but our favourite part of the process is getting to know the people behind the projects. It’s in understanding the founders, we can strive to turn your vision into something groundbreaking.


Whatsmore, our team will always go the extra mile for you so why not get in touch (LINK: and let us guide you through the process.

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