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What Was it all About?

At Bx they’re “passionate about business owners getting the best out of their Bxperience of ownership. At Bxponential you Learn, Grow and Connect. It’s about a community that helps you build an Bxtraordinary life through your business. From ongoing education to business networking events, it all starts with the Bxponential event.”

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BxNetworking is a networking community for small businesses to form and build relationships, their network, and of course their business. They focus on connecting you to industry experts with over 4 hundred business leaders in the mix, and 18 different locations. Bxponential is one of

Australia’s premier business events.

On Saturday, 10th March, Bxponential held a conference full of exciting and inspiring figures in the business world. Being a Bxponential sponsor, we were lucky enough to be involved first hand with Matt Alderton, founder of Bx and his very talented Event Strategist, Tiz Porreca of Ajunjo. In particular it was fantastic to work with them in order to launch the Bxponential App, available for Android and iOS.

It was an incredible day mingling with some outstanding business professionals who shared their stories of success, failures and what it takes to have a thriving business. People like Ita Buttrose, Matt and Daniel Tolsen all spoke about the importance of small business in Australia. Ita Buttrose AO OBE is a legendary woman of her time (and still is today), who paved the way for women in media. Not only that, she shared about being a businesswoman, best-selling author, and was also the former 2013 Australian of the Year.

Daniel Tolsen brought an exceptional jive, getting people connected through various activities and allowing everyone to feel comfortable as they got to know each other. He discussed and displayed how to build networking

Our Clients


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As sponsors, its great to get involved in the event. Its even better when our clients are there because they are our fan club. We were blessed that so many came along and would like to give mention to each of them:

  1. Danielle from Pug Chalk  – Not only did Danielle come along to the event, she was kind enough to help us out at our Stall. We wanted to showcase our most playful app and she didn’t disappoint, providing pictures, decorations and even a stuffed pug to get involved in photos. She was definitely the prime attraction at our stall on the day. We highly recommend you download her app so you can add a bit of fun to the pictures of your pug. Also for the cat lovers out there, she will soon be launching Cat Chalk.
  2. Karen from SchedYouAll – Karen came to us with a fantastic idea and app: a cloud based shared calendar, specifically designed to manage your kids (from school pickups to play dates and holiday activities). We feel extremely lucky to have been brought onboard to update features and just generally help grow the app.
  3. Lorraine from Nurse Aide – Its fantastic to be involved with a project that will truly help people and that is the case here. Lorraine, a nurse herself, has come up with a concept that will help mental health patients by ensuring a certain level of care. Been as we are still in early development, we won’t say too much more, other than to keep your eyes peeled for launch.
  4. Paul from Fantastix – Paul is an actor, businessman and just generally a lover of everything to do with the theatre. Its his vision to create an all encompassing tool to help producers launch their theatrical events: from the selling of tickets all the way to specialise sprinting services.
  5. Matt and Tiz from Bx – With Tiz managing the sponsors and Matt ahead of Bx, LaunchPadD had the pleasure of putting together a Bxponential App for iPhone and Android as a token of what can be done in a VERY short period of time. As a first effort, the app contained the event schedule as well as special deals from the sponsors.

To you all: we thank you for your support and hope that you enjoyed the event like we did.



Ita Buttrose was the outstanding contributor on Saturday. Its inspiring how she overcame gender inequality in the workplace to become one of the most influential media professionals in Australia and the world. She made it happen in big companies and small startups as a Fashion journalist, Magazine Editor, Media Personality and Ambassador to all.

One of our great takeaways was that in 1971 she was chosen by Sir Frank Packer as the founding editor of a new Australian woman’s magazine, now known as Cleo because she was able to find the niche, against all common opinion. Suffice to say this magazine was an instant hit and set the bar for future magazines of its type.

She also emphasised a few things very pertinent to LaunchPadD, in particular the fact that every business needs to leverage technology if they want to grow in this day and age. She mentioned that having a great website and utilising social media is vital; but we would obviously like to take this a step further to include the integration of mobile apps and other custom business software.


Leveraging Tech

On the back of the event and Ita’s words, we have been contemplating our place in business, in particular how we can help the entrepreneurial and small business movement. We came to the conclusion that its about educating business owners on how they can use tech to compete with the big boys.

We already position ourselves as the affordable solution for SMEs, allowing businesses to build quality software/apps without having to pay the big price tag. However we want to do more and go further. That’s why we are offering a limited time free 2 hour business workshop to the first ten takers.

In this workshop we will will interview you (the business owner) about your business with the aim of finding pain points. Then LaunchPadD will highlight potential solutions to said pain points, whether they be operational changes, off the shelf tech solutions are custom business software.

All you need to do is get in contact.

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