Developing and releasing the prefect press release

You’re ready to create a press release about your app..

Creating a press release is one of the big stepping stones to success you need to tackle if you want to achieve success in the market place.  You’ve put the effort and time into developing a great app and you’re almost ready to launch. The marketing plan is on track and ready to go pre and post launch, but what is going to really take you to the next level is getting in touch, and more important, exposure from the right media, journalists, websites even bloggers.  They are the perfect audience who are going to promote your brand into the stratosphere; so you can get to the right people that want to use your application.

What’s important?

Keep it concise and focus on the key selling points and unique factors.  They’re busy people and might just have time to quickly scan over your press release so that only leaves you a short window of opportunity to really make an impact. The resounding rule is to keep it under a page so not to lose focus, but again that doesn’t leave you much room to explain everything there is.  All you have to do is get them hooked enough to contact you. If they want more information, stats of features they’ll be able to contact you, so not everything has to be said here initially.

Every person you send it to will have a different take and perspective on your app.  What you need to do is highlight what benefits, not just the app has but what will really interest their readers if they should decide to write a newsworthy story about you.  Don’t just mass email everyone because it’s important to identify the type of writer they are, what appeals to them and it needs to feel somewhat unique and personal during this process.

Structure and plan out the whole thing, what the summary and unique selling points are.  Include screenshots, general introduction, even go as far to consider carefully the subject line and make something captivating. You need to think about every fact of your idea, its applications, features and round it all into a press release that is straight to the point. Including facts and stats are also a great way to highlight and attract attention to the importance of your app.

What makes you different?

Australians are big users of smartphones, with ownership jumping about 38% to 15.8 million in mid 2015 from 11.1 million in 2013, according to IAB Australia. There is a vested interest with anything digital, but amongst all the other apps out there what makes you different that’s what’s key to success in getting your story published.

You need to pitch the idea with the intention of getting a review, entice them to want to know more and know what to and not to include in order to make this happen. Important details include contact information, links to the app and a video if available, a brief description and why it’s unlike anything else that already exists.

If the person you’re trying to target doesn’t typically talk about tech stop wasting your time.   There’s no point marketing an app to someone who has no interest in writing about it, unless its specific to their interests.

A great way to get the ball rolling is to look at your closest competitors and see what publications have written about them. If they’ve already got a vested interest in the same subject then they’re quite likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Specialised blogs and press are also an ideal way to attract the right readers, find out where your potential users typically get their news and contact them.  Even go as far to ask for feedback especially is they’re experts in the field.  Muckrack ( is the perfect tool for identifying journalists and the types of topics they tend to discuss, to narrow down your search and find out if they’d be interested in your app.

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