Choosing the right software developer to suit you

Choosing the right software developer is definitely easier said than done.  There’s a lot to consider before making your choice because you don’t want to make a hasty decision you’ll only regret later. Picking the person who’s going to convert your idea and vision into a reality, and understand what you’re wanting to achieve is imperative.

It’s hard to know even after starting the job if you’ve chosen the right person.  That is until the red flags start showing up and by them it’s already too late.  So before you even think about getting to that stage, consider what it is you want.  Also consider the right boxes this developer needs to tick to ensure a successful job from start to finish.

Factors to consider

Availability and flexibility are vital factors to consider on many levels during the development stages.  Do they take a long time to get back to you?  Or is it hard to set up meetings when needed?  Are they causing delays and not giving notice?   How easy is it contact them?   A lot of this could be sussed out from talking to previous clients or generally through your initial meetings before assigning the job.

But then there are also post development issues that have to be dealt with.  How resourceful are they?  If something urgent comes up or an unexpected crash, will they be able to help.  Also at the time when its most crucial, as time sensitivity here could be detrimental to your business and even cost you a hefty amount of sales.

Take notice of referrals

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth a referral from a friend or colleague.  It is a great stepping stone to finding the ideal developer they’ve already worked well with.  Someone you know personally who can vouch for them, but still be wary because your job could be a lot more demanding than theirs.  You want to be sure they can cope with the task at hand.

Price in many cases is the first thing a person looks for when narrowing down the search.  It’s all good said and done you’ve found the perfect developer but if they’re out of your budget you’ve just wasted a whole lot of time on someone you can’t afford. So as a guideline it’s important but price isn’t and should not be everything.   There’s a lot of developers who don’t have the caring instinct or forward thinking to do what is best for the client and so though price point is a factor, it isn’t everything.

What else should you consider?

You need to know at the end of the day will they go the extra mile required in order to make this happen – or are they a 9-5 don’t contact me after hours kind of person. Then when it comes down to it you’re judging them based on the work they can produce.  What else is going to be able to show you the true test of their abilities than thoroughly going through their past work and also drawing comparison from past projects similar in nature to yours.

One, you want to be confident they can do the job you need them to.  Two, you want it to be unique and not a copy paste rip off of a previous job done so they don’t have to put the work in and you’re left with something not so one off as you expected.

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