Cost Effective App Marketing with Social Media

Marketing Your App With Social MediaMarketing Your App With Social Media

At LaunchPadD we love tech. We love designing and building mobile apps! However one thing we’ve found during our time in this industry is that app starterupers often forget about marketing. Thats why we decided to give you a bit of info on cost effective app marketing with Social Media.

Your App is Ready….

So you’re towards the end of the development period or ready to launch a new App and it’s about time to hit the market in a big way.  The question is not just how but where and when will yield the best results?  Also especially if you’re a new business, one of the first things you’re going to be wondering is “how is it going to be possible without breaking the bank”? It goes without our saying a lot of the costs associated with your business unfortunately are going to be upfront in the beginning. It hurts that much more because this is at a time where you’re not earning any money. It’s likely going to take some time before you break even, let alone start making profits.

What’s important, however, is to get the best value for money on everything you spend and a realistic return on investment that makes sense for your projected goals and sales numbers. That means you need to know how to market your app cost effectively and social media is one of the best platforms to do this.

The First Step in Cost Effective App Marketing

Whats expensive and whats not is in the eye of the beholder. Having said that, i think most marketeers will agree that social media can be one of the most cost effective mediums.

We very much hope that you already validated your idea  before starting development. If you did then you will already have all the information to hand. For those of you that didn’t, here’s a quick list of things you will need:

  • Your perfect customer profile(s)
  • Clear understanding of how you will make money
  • The value per customer

Essentially when you know who your perfect customer is (ie. where to find them and how much revenue they will bring in), you can work out your marketing budget and which platforms will work best. This will allow you to find the best way to market your app cost effectively.

Social Media Options

As we mentioned, the most effective tools at your disposal are social media platforms and for a whole number of reasons. They have a broad reach, with direct access to millions of people globally.  There are so many opportunities to reach the right customers. Therefore first stage is to find the best platforms to suit your business and a few of the most popular ones include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest

Use Social Media Advertising to Target your Niche

The other positive thing about social media is it’s ability to target certain groups, communities and forums – especially when they’re location based. You can really narrow down your target niche.

You’ve got plenty of cost effective options at your disposal to advertise through and promote both your social page and website.  One of the most successful and commonly used would definitely have to be Facebook’s advertising manager.  It allows you to select a wide variety of call to actions and re-targeting practices through Facebook pixel as well as Instagram ads all through one convenient platform.

Social Posting

Posting on social media is of course free.  All you need is the time to manage your profile. You can do this personally or get one of your existing employees to help out a few hours a week.

All these platforms are very visual so make sure you get good picture. You can use stock photo sites such as iStock for this.

You will probably have to do your hashtag research to make sure your posts get good organic research. Luckily there are a load of tools that can help you with that.

Plus remember if you are adding good content you are likely to be getting engagements. Make sure you reply to comments!

Use a Scheduling Tool

These are quick and easy to use. Posts can be scheduled in advance for efficiency (many of which directly go though the website). We recommend taking advantage free tools such as Hootsuite, which also provides you with analytical reports to track and monitor post progress. 

Connecting to the Right People

LinkedIn is a fantastic medium for making the right connections. It allows you to search by industry, role, company and much more.

If you do have some extra budget and you are looking for B2B leads, I highly recommend using LinkedIn’s own Sales Navigator.

Social Media Messaging Platform

Social Media Platforms now come with their own direct messaging services like facebook Messenger.

It’s a personal way to get in touch and relate to your customers. Most users don’t even bother sending emails anymore. 

They’ll simply find you and send questions straight through the platform.

Use Metrics to Track Performance

Facebook in particular has great analytics tools built into it’s platform, that make interpreting data that much easier, so you can make the most out of your marketing efforts.

This can be easily linked with Google Analytics so you can see the value of your web visitors and work out whether they lead to conversions.

Any questions?

If you have an App idea why not have a chat to a LaunchPadD representative today?  They will give you a free consultation to outline exactly how your individual business could benefit from using a mobile app. They will then spec up your perfect app and give you a no obligation quote.

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