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There are so many good ideas coming out of this Mobile App revolution. Apps have opened up the world of business to new opportunities and people all over the world are cashing in, from honed businessmen all the way to teenage coders.

The problem is that even though someone has a great app idea doesn’t mean that said app will be a success. As more an more apps flood the market its becoming harder and harder to make them succeed financially. Thats why we have started our app coaching: to give you the tools you need to make your app a success.

Here’s a run down on what we will teach you:

This has been the most important part of starting up a business for decades and arguably validation is even more integral when it comes to mobile applications. The aim of this aspect of the coaching is to give you the skills to analyse your proposed market with the aim of answering some of the most important questions, including will people download my app?”

We will start by performing market research, giving you tips on where and what to search, reviewing and discussing your findings as we go. We will then apply said knowledge towards a key understanding of your product and customer. By then end of this segment of our app coaching we will know the user profile of your typical customer, how we are going to find said customers and we will structure the most appropriate business model accordingly.


Next its onto defining the software. We will teach the value of Lean Philosophies, where startups employ methodologies that maximise value in the most efficient manor. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is really the epitome of these teachings. The goal with regards to an app is to define only the truly necessary functionality; we will be asking the question what features are a must have for our customers.

The goal of this aspect of the app coaching is to ensure what you are proposing to build is the leanest form of your idea. It will focus you to include only the most pertinent features and thus keep the time/money cost to its minimum.


This is not just about making the app look pretty. This is about ensuring that what you are proposing to build will be easy to use. Here’s where we teach you how to marry a market relevant brand to your proposed MVP feature list through a great UI/UX design. It isn’t enough that you have a great idea or great features, you have to appeal to your market by looking good and then achieve high levels of retention by working well.

For those that are looking at this segment of app coaching and thinking, “why not just hire a designer?”, you have a point! Great UI designers that can be left to manage a project are fantastic. Unfortunately they are also hard to find and when you do, they usually come with a decent price tag. Our aim is to teach you concepts so that you create mockups, wireframes and manage a designer to get the most out of them. In your project, you hold all the value: you have the passion, the knowledge and we will give you the skills to turn those attributes into a thriving app.


Now some may say attacking the marketing before having a finished app is learning to run before you can walk but to us its quite the opposite. In our experience in the industry, its this aspect of the app coaching course that people overlook. They often believe that the development itself will be the greatest expenditure either in terms of time or cost. However in truth, most apps fail due to a lack of forward thinking. They are built without a launch strategy in mind, under the false assumption that having an app that looks the part, works well and solves a problem is enough to get users.

Unfortunately 99.9% of apps do not get enough luck to grow to such an extent organically. It takes a true understanding of marketing, a lot of time and in some cases a significant budget to make them work. This may seem daunting but we are gonna coach you on both strategy and implementation.


No tech experience necessary! Our app coaching will give you the skills you need to pioneer your game changing idea


1 on 1 sessions

The most import aspect to any app coaching is the face time. Each client will have the opportunity to sit with a coach weekly to discuss their idea and strategy.

Materials and templates

Throughout the process will will introduce to to tools and templates that will help you in the process. We will also provide you with heaps of content you can refer to.

Support when you need it most

Whether in person, on the phone or via email, you’ll not be left alone during our app coaching. Someone will always be on hand to give you the advice you need. 

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Our app coaching will teach you valuable skills needed to see a gap in the market and build a product around that opportunity.

We will teach you the fundamentals with regards to design, from mocking up your own designs to understanding proper user flow.

You’ll learn about app technologies and the best practices for building a feature list that will make coding as simple as possible.

We have a strong marketing background and believe a good portion of our app coaching should be teaching how to promote your app.

Our App Coaches will give you a platform to turn your next big idea into a revenue generating mobile app

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