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Project Description

The Blink project was one of the first that we took on and incorporated a great deal of different aspects, as we provided our full scope of expertise to help get the company and app up and running, including building iPhone and Android apps, along with the associated web application.

They had done some market research that highlighted their user split was near enough equal between both platforms. Unfortunately they had been to some of the big software development firms, who had quoted them above and beyond their budget for both platforms and were therefore at the stage where they were considering testing the market with iOS only, when they found us.

We lead them through our processes, which were near identical to the other providers they had talked to. This gave them confidence that although we were significantly more cost effective, the service itself would not be cheap.


The first stage in the process was to create the branding. This was extremely important as the app needed an identity and this would be directly related to the logo we chose. We started with market research and user profiling, in order to get an idea of who would be using the app.

The founders had some ideas and examples of what they wanted so, working together, we pursued a brand that appealed to both them and the proposed client base.

The Application

With branding sorted, our teams started development. Multiple teams moved in parallel with designers working on the UI, mobile developers creating the framework of the apps and backend developers working on the server side (web application and database).

Management of this project had to be significant because, not only did the apps need to work identically, they also had to integrate with the web application. The outcome was a bar app, where users can search for the bars/venues near to them or in a particular location.


Bar information, photos and tags etc. is editable in the “Venue CMS” (web application), controlled by the venue owners.


Beta Launch

As development neared completion, they asked us to get onboard and help them with their beta launch. We therefore created a marketing plan, outlining suggested marketing activities that the founders could perform. We also put up an app website ( that they could use in conjunction with their marketing.

Where’s Blink Now?

Having gone through a successful beta launch, they are now looking to raise funds and/or look for partners so they can launch in the big Australian cities.