Project Description

CleanTrak by Vivid Cleaning Services is a state of the art staff management app. The app employs a combination of QR codes, facial recognition and APIs to allow the Vivid team to manage their cleaners.



Vivid already had a CRM in place, which was managed by their in-house tech team, and thus LaunchPadD was taxed with creating native iOS and Android apps that would seamlessly integrate with their current systems. The aim of these apps were to communicate key data to Vivid’s operational team, ensuring their cleaners are where they are supposed to be with up to date information on each site.

Key Features

Verification – Service personnel identify themselves at a discreet QR code using their smartphone. GPS and facial recognition technology to verify that this is the authorised personnel, in the right place at the right time.

Live Updates – The system sends a real-time signal confirming the task has been started.

Communication – Service personnel check their smartphone for additional instructions from the Vivid Customer Support centre team, and carry out the tasks required, including any new directives.

Reporting – The system creates a record of the activities at your site, ready for reporting review and analysis.