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Project Description

The Global Tributes app is at first glance a slightly weird but still wonderful project. At its core it attacks a part of life that most people turn a blind eye to: death. However it is a truly inspirational idea because it will allow users to pay tribute to their friends, family and role models no matter where they are in the world.

The vision of the owner, Kelvin, is to integrate his apps with multiple other technicals solutions, from flower delivers services to the iTines music store. When his final vision is realised, users will be able to honour those fallen loved ones on key anniversaries, whether they can make it out to the grave site or not.

Plus, its not all about death. The Global Tributes Network should evolve into something that celebrates life!



The branding was done by one of our close partners: and they were able to capture Kelvin thoughts and feelings, creating something that is both positive and spiritual.

With regards to the UI design, this was designed to be inline with industry standard social media apps like Instagram, whilst still being unique and functional.

The Apps


The software is aimed towards keeping up memorabilia, closing the gap of location to pay respect and gratitude to loved ones, celebrating life, and save a lot of money by doing most of it through the app. It will bring them the following benefits:

  • Location pins of shrines and grave sites
  • Google maps and GPS tracking
  • Ability to send flowers to people or memorial sites automatically
  • Event Planning: birthdays, funerals, wedding receptions shared with loved ones to easily access.
  • Online database of live feeds to stay up to date with birthdays, anniversaries, upkeep of graves, shrines, tribute plaques by sharing visitations on app with family members and friends through photos and comments.

Project Details