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Grow your business with a Virtual CTO

The healthy startup ecosystem is generating a new type of team member – the virtual service provider. These are an outsourced expert who offers high skill assistance in the requirements of any organisation.

Startups don’t normally have the resources to hire a full-time expert and like to keep fixed costs low. Outsourcing for expertise provides the flexibility of choosing services as and when they’re needed, for as long as they’re needed, adding extreme value without the overheads.

Virtual service providers are opening up a new world of business, and a world of new business.

“Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.”

John F Kennedy

How do you know your business needs a Virtual Chief Technical Officer?

  • You have multiple technical systems in use across your business from hardware to software and even databases
  • Technology is integral to your operations
  • You’ve experienced issues cause by lack of technical solutions and support
  • You’ve ongoing issues that need to be resolved
  • You don’t have a someone in charge of your tech
  • You don’t have the budget for a full-time CTO

What can a Virtual Chief Technical Officer bring to your business?

  • Crucial knowledge of how technology can work for you and your business
  • The analysis of company operations
  • The identification of pain points
  • A full technical solution created, communicated and deployed
  • A strategic technical direction that will grow your business
  • Management of outsourced and/or internal resources operating in a technical field
  • Team selection, internal capability development, and budget management

The benefits of a Virtual Chief Technical Officer

  • We are a team of professionals who understand technical realities and offer impartial advice & guidance on all technical matters
  • Real-time analysis & resolution of issues, plus methods to prevent future issues
  • Option to build technology that works for your business and is inline with your operations
  • Research and development capabilities that compliment your operations
  • Customised services

Here’s how your LaunchPadD Virtual CTO will work with you…


Our Virtual CTO will meet you – face-to-face or virtually – to get to know you, your business and your people; to get to know your systems, your operations, and your ambitions.


We’ll analyse your company operations to identify pain points, reviewing the technological systems you use, and understanding the role they fulfill for your business.


We’ll apply our expertise to create a full technical solution that will relieve your pain points, provide you with and guide you on a strategic technical direction to grow your business.


We’ll deploy a full technical solution, communicating with your key stakeholders to ensure comprehension and compliance, and your existing developing in-house capability.


We’ll continue to work for you, providing real-time analysis and resolutions of issues, applying our expertise to ensure your business technology adds value to your operations.

“Technology is integral to the success of any modern business. Understanding what technology is right for your business is something only a specialist would know.”

James Killick, CEO, LaunchPadD

Your Virtual CTO

$2,000per month
  • Guidance and support
  • Help validating your tech ideas
  • Budgeting
  • Implementation of technology into your ops
  • Structuring your development plan
  • Project management
  • Finding and managing tech vendors
  • *Minimum 3 months commitment
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